In the event of voluntary termination of the contract by the buyer, without reason on the part of the seller or if the buyer does not comply with its obligations, the seller has the right to terminate this contract, in which case earnest money (amount in terms) (P 000,000,000) for the benefit of the seller expires in lump sum damages. The main purpose of issuing these documents is to verify receipt of Earnest Money held by a third party. Start with the message of the calendar date on which Earnest Money was received by the agent acting as Earnest Money Holder, in the first empty line (at the top of the page). c Document the full name of the person who received the serious money in the empty field just before the term “The Earnest Money Holder…”┬áThe next two empty lines are reserved to document the dollar amount presented to the Earnest Money Holder who issues this receipt. Write the dollar amount in the void.” Receive serious money in the amount of” and then the numerical value of the amount received in dollars in the blank line in parentheses. We must now indicate how this money was received. A short list of control boxes was presented to provide this information. Check the “Verify”, “Credit Card” and/or “Other” box to define how Earnest Money was received. Note: If you checked “Other” because the money was sent by check or credit card, you must use the blank line shown to define how it was received (for example. B payment order).

It is expressly agreed that this contract for the purchase of real estate will cover the entire agreement between the buyer and the seller. This Agreement binds the heirs, personal representatives, successors and addressees of the assignment of the buyer and seller. Purchase and Sale Agreement – Is used to establish an agreement between a buyer and seller to transfer ownership of the property. For the next segment of this paperwork, you must indicate the physical address of the property for which this Earnest Money was submitted. Enter the building number, street name or number, suite number, city, Land and postal code in which the property is located in the empty field called “Property Address”. Note the calendar date of the contract of sale of this property on the empty site entitled “Date of the contract”. We must now consult the name of the buyer that appears in the sales contract that requires this Earnest Money, and then transcribe it in the blank line called “buyer”. This should be followed by his postal address at the nearest empty post.