9. Performance expectations have been discussed and are clearly understood. This agreement does not prevent the Employment Agency from taking appropriate disciplinary or adverse action against a worker who does not comply with the provisions of the Telework Directive or the directives and procedures adopted by the Employment Agency and/or the House of Representatives. 6. The guidelines and procedures relating to secret, confidential and/or private information have been reviewed and the employee certifies that these requirements are being met. The document below represents the telework agreement between the Employment Office and the (staff) agreement. This document is not an employment contract and does not change the employment status of the worker at his convenience. This telework agreement includes the tasks and responsibilities of the employment agency and the worker described in the Telework Directive. [list here all the clear provisions of the individual agreement, i.e. hours, underemployment of office information, designated telework days] As the Telework Directive states, there are certain provisions of the agreement that are unique to each employee.

These provisions are written as follows: A list of exclusive costs to be paid to the worker is the employer`s official service at the address – the other “employee” is – 10. The worker understands that the employment agency can stop workers` participation at any time. 7. The requirements for an adequate and secure office space and/or area have been reviewed and staff certify that these requirements are being met. . The continuation of the telecommunications regime is subject to a weekly/monthly trial period. This trial period begins on this trial period does not alter the employment agency`s ability to terminate the telecommunications agreement or the employment relationship at any time, for or without reason, as long as such a measure is not contrary to applicable applicable legislation or regulations. 2. The staff was responsible for the order of work. The employee understands that the employment agency can stop telework and order the employee to return to work on the central site. Depending on the needs and availability of space, the employment agency undertakes to revive the worker, after having communicated to the employment agency, his job on the central site.

In the event that the employment relationship is broken, all property belonging to the Employment/House Office is returned to the Employment Agency`s Convenience. Download the PDF version of the Telecommunications Example Agreement here. The employment agency and/or the House of Representatives may request the recovery of the employee for the property of the employment agency, which is deliberately or negligently damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen while in custody, under the supervision or control of the employee.