The Contractor carries out the activity of supplying labour to each establishment, including specialized work in the loading and unloading of cargoes from ships in the above-mentioned ports and other ports in India, and the Contractor is licensed under the Employment Contract (Regulations – Rules) of Abolition 1970. Compared to organizational and economic growth, it is natural for staff to become a well-rated employee. However, in this competitive market, it may not be easy to attract a reliable and skilled workforce. Combined with the fact that many projects require only temporary and contractual staff, it is not surprising that staff supplies are in high demand in Malaysia. BriTay Asia is aware of the constraints that many companies may face when it comes to the number of companies. With our staff services, we want to find a cost-effective and sustainable solution to your staffing needs. Therefore, we are able to deliver the temporary or contract workers that BriTay hires, and then make seconds to work on your site. 28. 1.6 Order: any order that the customer orders either through the site, either in writing or by other means for the delivery of goods by the supplier to the customer (including a standing order). 12.10 These Terms, all Terms of Service or Commerce (if any) and any contract are subject to the laws of Malaysia.

The High Court of Malaysia shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or likely to arise from the delivery of goods by the Supplier to the Customer and/or these Contractual Terms, The Terms of Service or Commercial Terms (if any) and any contract. 3.2 Unless otherwise agreed with the customer, the supplier only delivers to Malaysia goods that need to be physically delivered (e.g. B books). International deliveries are only possible by prior appointment between the supplier and the customer. 8.5 If the customer claims that the supplier has not delivered the quantity of goods ordered, the customer must inform the after-sales service in writing of these bottlenecks within 14 days of delivery (time is of the essence) and, if accepted, the supplier must supply these missing goods. (b) during the subscription year, the customer paying the provider an annual amount to receive all expenses/updates of the relevant goods (and, where applicable, other items) published during the subscription year.