Material Transfer Agreements (ATMs) are used for incoming and outgoing materials at UW-Madison. They describe the conditions under which academic and external researchers may exchange documents, usually for research or evaluation purposes. ATMs protect both the investigator and the industry partner from liability and loss of intellectual property. For more information, see our Guide to Material Transfer Agreements. Note that you can also have unique NDAs suitable for different situations such as interviews, real estate, employees or inventors. Ultimately, the document is used when one or both parties have the valuable and sensitive information they need to protect. List of signatories to the UBMTA: List of all institutions that are signatories to the Single Agreement on the Transfer of Biological Material. Wisconsin`s Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prevents employees and businessmen from stealing or disseminating confidential information, also known as trade secrets. The form complies with state trade secret laws and ensures that the parties are covered in the event of a dispute. Non-compete obligation – A non-competition clause ensures that former employees of an employer do not compete with the company once they have been dismissed or dismissed. Wisconsin`s Model Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) explains a company`s confidentiality with its trade secrets and other sensitive information. This can be especially useful if the company concerned enters into a new business relationship or hires additional employees. Usually, in such circumstances, a company needs some assurance from the new relationship that its private or sensitive information will not be misused or distributed irresponsibly.

These documents detail how this can be done, providing guidance on how information should be handled and the importance of a breach of trust. These types of agreements are used in business transactions where one party shares private information with another party in exchange for confidentiality. Similarly, non-disclosure agreements are used to seal inappropriate relationships or unauthorized public behavior. .